Introduction: Fresh Drops Of Natural Red Tea Antioxidant Serum™


Vitamin Tea Rose Hip
Vitamin infusion of rose hips in a glass cup on old wooden surface

At SAVARNAS MANTRA, when we launched one of our botanically-derived skin care products – Natural Red Tea Antioxidant Serum range that we are hoping that our clients would love it too as much as we do. Simply, we are so happy to say that our clients also do.

A bottle of the fresh drops of Natural Red Tea Antioxidant Serum is sold every minute. Do you want to join us?

… Over 6 years, the reputed brand, SAVARNAS MANTRA has been striving hard to provide our customers globally a range of natural masks that reveal their magic while sleeping before going to bed in night times. That is why all of our stores & office teams at once fell in love with the product.

Now, with the products that are botanically-derived are biggest skin care that is launched in over six years. So following the successful introduction of Natural Red Tea Antioxidant Serum™ as we are so excited to announce that two new editions are joining the range, including Natural Youth Stem Serum™.

8th_2 savarnas image

With the arrival of any season – winter, spring & summer, plus excessive exposure to sun & pollution during the holidays – our skin usually doesn’t look fresh & youthful as we would like to. That is where SAVARNAS MANTRA’s botanically-derived, natural, velvety smooth & light moisturizers come in.

Make use of moisturizer in your daily skin care regime every day after applying the serums, also before applying make-up. By doing so, you get a fresh face throughout the day. You will see soon – the skin is quenched with the adequacy of moisture, the lines appear smoothed & the skin looks healthy & rested! Offering two high-quality moisturizers that are absolutely natural, including Natural Bio-Marine Moisturizer & Natural Ultimate Nourishing Hyaluronic Moisturizer.

But do not take our word for that – one of our customer review who got the sample of it:

From day 1, I feel velvety & smooth skin. It lessens my pores & fine lines. Even after a lack of sleep or tiring day, the bags under the eyes & dark circles look reduced. My face looks like so fresh. I mean it”.

Potent Ingredients from Natural Red Tea Antioxidant Serum

From our exclusive editions – natural & botanically-derived serums, we searched the refined ingredients that survive in the harshest environments. Thanks to all ingredients such as red tea extract & rare seaweed extract. It is what you’ll get from our two serums. Our Natural Red Tea Antioxidant Serum & Youth Stem Serum are infused with the potent ingredients.

Red Tea Extract

It is produced from the leaves of Thea Sinesis Sims. Red tea extract is derived from the Rooibos (Red Bush) Plant. The plant is grown in a medium mountains region of South Africa. The plant is consumed as a tea, typically. However, we get topical benefits in the niche of cosmetic industry. Also, it includes anti-aging anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant & anti-cellulite, protection from the UV rays etc.

Good For Skin

The AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) zinc content of red tea extract are simply amazing for the skin. The Natural Red Tea Antioxidant Serum delivers helpful antioxidants to the skin. Also, it fights free-radicals. It also soothes & nourishes the skin. Our Natural Red Tea Antioxidant Serum™ would not be completed without the addition of hyaluronic acid – an excellent hydrator. With its strong affinity to the compatibility with moisture & skin. And, you wouldn’t ask for the agreeable component.

Rooibos (Red Bush) acts as a ‘powerful anti-aging’ ingredient in skin care formulas. If the skin aging is due to excessive sun exposure, pollution & other environmental contaminants, which create free radicals, helping out to protect the skin & persevere young-looking skin.

Simply, don’t miss out the Natural Red Tea Antioxidant Serum™ – the most effective skin care product is available in stores & online at SAVARNAS MANTRA. Let us know what you think of all our skin care products.


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