How Does Stress Affect On My Skin?

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Stress, Anxiety or minor trauma – all terms are related to stress. It affects our entire body, including every part of the body, such hair, nails, skin & the entire health. When we are stressed, our body produces a surge of hormones that are named as cortisol, in order to prepare to fight the stress. However, the cortisol is obviously beneficial in several situations. And, a majority of people are walking around with far too much of it in order to circulate in the bloodstreams.

At SAVARNAS Beauty Spa’s beauty blog, the expert will break it down here the effects of stress on the skin, have a look:

Stress causes a chemical response in our body, which can make the skin more sensitive, plus reactive. In case, if anyone is suffering genetic skin issues, stress can make it worse. Cortisol and other hormones tell our sebaceous glands to produce enough oil. The oily skin is more prone to acne as well as other skin problems. Therefore, it breaks it out, plus takes a lot of time for the o clear up.

Does it sound familiar?

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Cortisol prematurely ages you. It also triggers inflammation that breaks down collagen. A protein presents in our body – collagen keeps our skin plump, firm & smooth that can result in thin skin, fine lines & excessive & severe dryness in our body.

Stress also worsens eczema, rosacea and causes hives.

How do I overcome my affected skin during the time of stress?

  • An essentially important thing is that – bear in mind & do is to keep your skin care routine that should be on a daily basis. Since when you are stressed out, it is very easy to reduce the skin care routine to the minimum. However, the skin care routine on a daily basis is a crux of the health of your skin. Therefore, maintain a regular routine of skin care of cleansing, toning, soothing serums & using moisturizers thoroughly.

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  • In the morning times, do a workout or walk for 10-20 minutes. The sunshine, fresh air is tried & tested formula for reducing stress, make sure you strictly follow a daily skin care routine.

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  • Avoid chemical & alcohol based skin care products: The chemical & alcohol based products damage the skin during the time of stress. Botanically-derived products are exclusively available at

  • Meditation is a proven method to lower the rates of Cortisol. Even when you just wake up 15 minutes earlier & laying quietly for a few minutes. You’ll definitely feel great from within.

  • It is believed that sugar foods are processed that are associated with the highest level of Cortisol. There are certain foods that can lower the rate of Cortisol. It means that the right choice of food will not merely keep you calm but also protect & nourish your skin deeply. Eat an abundance of vitamin C rich fruits, including papaya, oranges, pineapple, berries, etc., in order to overcome the situation that can cause harm to the skin.

  • Facial massage can lower the rate of Cortisol. Natural Bio-Marine Moisturizer is excellent for giving yourself a deep massage while you just sit & surfing on your Smartphone. It will relax your facial muscles, ease fine lines, release tension & wrinkles. Treat yourself with the moisturizer occasionally.

  • Get an adequate amount of sleep: People who sleep usually 6 hours, they have 50% more Cortisol in their body as compared to those who manage to sleep 8 hours. So have an early night when you know you are suffering from stress.

With This Keep In Mind, We Hope you have a stress-free weekend!


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