Introducing Skin Care Brand – SAVARNAS MANTRA Natural Skin Care Products

Fresh fruit. Strawberries on wood. Spring fruit.

Yes! We’re introducing ourselves! Here are our global natural skin care brand – Founded in Virginia, United Sates, the SAVARNAS MANTRA – we strive to make you look good & feel good. We are here to make a difference between the high-quality, 100% natural & botanically-derived skin care products that are produced ethically – there’s no animal cruelty while testing the products.

We also created a sister website named as – SAVARNAS BEAUTY SPA Beauty Blogs where you can update with all the latest trends, beauty & skin care tips from our experts. As our passion lies in the beauty & wellness to our clients & readers, SAVARNAS is always there when you’d really need a beauty expert. So we started it.

We Empower You!

We’ve been striving hard to make you reach absolutely chemical-free skin care products that are derived botanically. With SAVARNAS MANTRA, we define ‘healthy glow’ not just as temporary beauty, but a natural glow that you only can get from natural products in order to live an empowering, healthy & vibrant life.

From skin care treatments (with Savarnas Beauty Spa), skin care & beauty tips to natural skin care products – we bring you the best in order to help you glow from the depths of your life as well as inside out.

Be Natural, Beautiful & Stylish!

The concept of natural glow & beauty is elusive for so many women. Our goal is to help out readers to find their glow from within. Providing natural products, including Cleansers, Toners, Serums, Exfoliants, Masks, Moisturizers, Under-eye Treatments, Blemish Treatment, natural eyebrow powder. (Available at SAVARNAS MANTRA).

Bestowing you resources, platform & motivation in order to live readers/women in a profound sense, become comfortable with their own skin’s color & texture. We all bestow through our skin care products – the totally natural products that you don’t usually get.

What Do You Need To Know About Our Products?

Botanical Ingredient: The ingredient is a component that we use in the skin care products, which is originated from the plants, including fruits, seeds, leaves, roots & herbs.

savarnas 7th image

What Do We Use Botanical Ingredient In Skin Care Products?

The Botanical ingredient is purely natural with no side-effect on your skin, regardless skin-type & any skin disease or disorder. Botanical is also called as ‘plant-derived’. In the past times, plants were recognized as the best ingredient for healing minor skin conditions, cleansing, moisturizing & covering up blemishes. We use the essence of botanical in our products that we always say – 100% natural & botanically-derived. We guarantee it, you will get the healthier glow & luminous skin.

Ingredients: The SAVARNAS MANTRA sources raw ingredients from the three corners of the globe i.e. France, The United States & Switzerland.

Skin Care Products:

We want to make you feel as same way as you do after a revitalizing day of spa, check them out:

  • Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliant

  • Mask, Serum, Moisturizer

  • Under-Eye Treatment & Blemish Treatment

  • Eyebrow Powder & Brow Boutique

  • Natural Rejuvenating Oils

We’re so glad to Have You Join SAVARNAS!



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