How To Treat Stubborn Dark Circles Naturally & Rid Of Them Overnight


Having prominent dark round circles under your eyes is not a sign of any illness, however, they certainly make you look sick, tiring or older as you would not in older age. Sometimes, genetic plays a major role in order to have a stubborn & more prominent dark circles. It makes us difficult to overcome them. Knowing the causes of dark circles can help you proactively in order to minimize their appearance. In the SAVARNAS BEAUTY SPA’s Beauty Blog, the expert will break down the causes of under eye dark circles & how to treat them naturally overnight, have a look:

What Are The General Causes of Dark Circles Under My Eyes?

There are number of causes, regardless fatigue is not the only one. There are two factors that make them worse, i.e., consumption of too much alcohol & lack of sleep. Both reasons contribute to dark circles. There are also a number of illness, which can have all these effects. The combination of fairer & thin skin is the culprit. Here’re the generalize causes under the eyes, including:

  • Heredity- It can appear in one’s childhood. Some children outgrow with them, but others will not.

  • Oversleeping- It also causes dark circles.

  • Eczema, Minor Trauma & Stress

  • Age- It can be a reason of it. As we get older, we, as humans, lose fat & collagen under the eyes. It magnifies the appearance of it.

  • Consumption of excessive salt in the diet- It causes fluid retention, including underneath your eyes. So cut the salt from your diet today.

  • Excessive exposure to the sun, Crying & Dehydration

  • Skin Pigmentation Abnormalities- The skin around our eyes are thinner as compared to another area of face’s skin. This is the reason that blood vessels are readily visible through it. Reason: Irregular distributing of melanin gives the color, it can cause dark circles to look beneath the eyes. This is a skin problem of Asian & African’s skin.

  • Lifestyle: If one’s lifestyle would involve excessive smoking & consumption of alcohol can contribute under eye dark circles. Also, people who consume too much coffee may have difficulty in getting an adequate amount of sleep.

Remedies: How To Treat Them Naturally

The correct remedy depends on the correct reason behind them, and that may difficult to pin down.

Natural Under Eye Treatments

  • Natural Age Defying Eye Cream

  • Natural Restorative Under Eye Serum

What Natural Age Defying Eye Cream Really Does?

You may have applied cucumber slices on your eyes for treating under eye circles. As we get older, our skin needs a bit extra from our diet & the skin care products. After a lot of research, SAVARNAS MANTRA‘s experts are bringing you the magic of age defying eye cream that is 100% natural, botanically-derived & there’s no animal cruelty while testing the products.

The natural age defying eye cream is a potent mixture of cucumber extracts, vitamin E, Retinyl Palmitate & Peptides, providing deep nourishment & hydrating qualities that you may lose from dehydration or excessive consumption of salt in your diet. The effective under eye cream stimulates collagen growth, reduces wrinkles around the eyes as well as retains younger-looking appearanc.

A Very Effective: Natural Restorative Under Eye Serum

The readers who are struggling with stress, oversleeping, bad lifestyle, skin pigmentation abnormalities, lack of sleeping, etc. The natural restorative under eye serum is the perfect solution. A powerful natural eye serum contains an active complex of yeast protein, Hyaluronic acid, seaweed extract and soy & rice peptides. It also targets discoloration & puffiness.

  • Cleanse with natural cleanser. Apply it on clear skin.

  • Apply it two times i.e. morning & night.

  • A dab of natural restorative eye serum, apply it with the ring finger around the orbital bone.

Other Remedies: Cold Compress, avoid excess sun exposure, get adequate sleep, quit smoking & alcohol (if excess), use natural moisturizers with Vitamin K & C & drink plenty of water.

To know more about our botanically-derived natural skin care products (Cleansers, Toners, Serums, Moisturizers, Masks, Under Eye Treatment, Blemish Treatment) please visit


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